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Traffic Management Concession Faces Sabotage, Urgent Call for Boakai Administration to Honor Agreements

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In a concerning turn of events, the Liberia Traffic Management (LTM) concession, intended to revolutionize traffic control and enhance transportation infrastructure in Liberia, has encountered obstacles attributed to internal interference within the George Weah administration.

The LTM concession, a project that garnered support and approval during both the Johnson Sirleaf and George Weah administrations, aimed to address the persistent challenges of traffic congestion and road safety in Liberia. The agreement was signed twice, reflecting a commitment from successive governments to prioritize modern solutions for the nation’s transportation network.

However, recent revelations suggest that the LTM concession has faced deliberate disruption from individuals associated with the Weah administration. These alleged internal challenges have impeded the smooth execution of the comprehensive traffic management plans that LTM promised to bring to Liberia.

The implications of such interference extend beyond bureaucratic hurdles, potentially affecting the overall progress and development of the nation’s transportation infrastructure. Citizens, who were optimistic about the positive changes LTM could bring, are now left questioning the commitment of the government to follow through on its promises.

As Liberia witnesses a transition to the Joseph Boakai administration, there is a growing call for renewed attention to the LTM concession. Advocates, including members of the public, civic groups, and stakeholders, are urging the Boakai administration to honor the agreements previously signed by its predecessors.

The LTM project represents an opportunity to address critical issues related to traffic management, a key aspect of Liberia’s urban development. The advanced solutions proposed by LTM were envisioned to ease congestion, enhance road safety, and contribute to the overall modernization of the country’s transportation infrastructure.

In light of the challenges faced by the LTM concession, citizens are looking to the new administration to demonstrate a commitment to good governance and continuity. The call is not only for a resolution of the internal disruptions but for the Joseph Boakai administration to prioritize and expedite the implementation of the LTM project.

Liberians are hopeful that the Boakai administration, cognizant of the importance of transportation infrastructure, will take swift and decisive actions to ensure that the nation does not lose out on the transformative benefits promised by the LTM concession. The fate of this vital project now rests in the hands of the new leadership, and the people of Liberia eagerly await a positive response to this urgent call for the fulfillment of past commitments.

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