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The Dakpannah Show Names Julius T. Jaesen, II as Advocate of the Year 2020


The Dakpannah Show is extremely pleased to present to the public, daring patriot and editor of the Parrot Newspaper and Online Web, Julius T Jaesen II, as our ‘Advocate of the Year’ 2020.

No doubt, Julius T. Jaesen II, our awardee, brings to political advocacy, an unmatched and unvarnished patriotism to see Liberia leapfrog from the abyss of despair to indeed and truly, ‘A Glorious Land of Liberty’ where all can be certainly proud to call their home.

To his credentials, he bags 16 years of solid advocacy for rights and freedoms in Liberia. His political advocacy dates back to the near end of Liberia’s fourteen years of horrendous and genocidal civil conflict. At such epoch, daring patriot and advocate, Julius T. Jaesen, II, was one of Daily Observer Newspaper’s contributing writers. Then, his advocacy was done mostly through political poems – some of which included, “Mama Liberia”, “Liberians in the Desert”, ” I Can Hear Liberia Weeping”, “The Coming of Peacekeepers”, “Dying Future”, ” Failed Generation”, “The Fading Shadow of Democracy”, ” Nation Without Government”, “The Restructuring of the New Army”, and many other uncounted poems.

It can be recalled, close to the mid of erstwhile President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s second term, Julius T. Jaesen, II led enormous protests against the malaises of the regime which occasioned his arrest and brutal torture on October 9, 2013, by ruthless bandits of the Liberia National Police and National Security Agency acting under the direct command of Col. Abraham Kromah, formerly 102 of the LNP.

After spending two days at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police, patriot Jaesen was charged along with a few other Ellen StepDown Campaigners with sedition, criminal conspiracy and criminal malevolence – charges the Stipendiary Magistrate Court at the Temple of Justice threw in the dust bin due to the failure of the government to show proof that comrade Jaesen and his likes committed said charges.

After said illegal arrest and brutal torturing of Mr Jaesen, he was immediately enlisted by doyens in advocacies as an extraordinary member of the Graduate School of Advocacy.

Doing the 2017 legislative and presidential elections, our awardee whose immaculate foresight can be compared to those Jewish prophets in Biblical Israel, forewarned Liberians voting in the elections to resist the temptation of electing a Weah, which he described then and now, as a docile pawn and token of punishment than a blessing or gift to our country, set to befall on Liberia and once again, place our country in a plethora of global disgrace and a laughing stock.

Today, daring and luring patriot Julius T. Jaesen, II still holds that strong views about President Weah and his government. After the inauguration of President Weah in 2018, our distinguished honouree, Julius Jaesen, receded in conspicuous silence and solitude, watching to see the government proves his prognosis right or wrong.

So, after close to three years down the road, believing that Weah’s administration has proven his political forecast right, Mr Jaesen took up a herculean task as Associate Managing Editor of the Parrot Newspaper and Online Web.

Upon deciding to volunteer his service to Liberia through the Independent Parrot News, advocate Julius Jaesen promised the Parrot Editorial Board and the Liberian public to make Parrot Liberia’s national staple in three months. And true to his promise, he embarked on investigative journalism and advocacy. He was concerned about the alarming wave of mysterious deaths which took place all in 2020. He then launched a robust and rigorous investigation through many networks and unimpeachable sources in government and the CDC – exposing elements behind those suspicious deaths.

So, his critical editorials, commentaries, analyses, opinions and lamentations in the Parrot landed him in trouble, making the regime of footballing President George Weah disliking him. He alleged that his life was viciously pursued by death squads of the government, something which forced him into exile October 21, 2020, after several unsuccessful arrest attempts.

But still in exile, leaving his two-year-old daughter and family back home, something that would break down and cause great depression for any young man, persuading pen pusher and coaxing editor Julius Jaesen never give up the struggle for a better Liberia. He still writes in the Parrot and performs his job diligently from exile.

And so, based on his unvarnished love for Liberia and unmatched dexterity in calling and shouting out through the eloquence and the persuasion of his pen, the excesses of in government and the wider spectrum of our society, we undoubtedly chose him as our Advocate Of The Year 2020.

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