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Seven reasons why Musa Hassan Bility is a political genuis.

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Seven reasons why Musa Hassan Bility is a political genuis.

By Menipakei Dumoe

1. He helped Ellen Johnson Sirleaf win two elections back to back. His ability to build communication teams around a winning candidate is unmatched.

2. Bility learned politics at the feet of Amos Sawyer and other masters of the game.

3. Musa Bility believes in scientific politics and takes a forward looking atitude towards shifts in the political arena, he has never lost a Presidential election in Liberia’s post war democracy. (2005, 2011 and 2017)

4. Musa Bility has proven himself a trend setter in chief. Imagine backing a female candidate in 2005, when all the big guns were backing the most popular Liberian man, George M. Weah. This was indeed brave and courageous of Musa Bility and it paid off big time!

5. He has risen to be the most influential Muslim politician in the country by being prefered to head the Liberty Party in 2020. This was done through hard work, sacrifice, dedication and honesty.

Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine frequently described Musa Bility as his brother. He headed Brumskine impressive 2017 bounce back campaign that brought the prominant Bassa lawyer and his LP back to third place after sliping to 4th place in 2011.

6. Musa Hassan Bility has become a magnet in his home town of Saclepea and its surounding towns in Nimba County where he spends almost all of his time these days. Yes, a liberal Muslim but one with a Christain wife and easy connection with Liberians from diverse backgrounds. A battle hardened political warrior, Bility has earned the title of the INDESTRUCTIBLE or the JAGABAN of Liberian politics.

7. He has guru like understanding of the Liberian media. Bility cut his teeth learning journalism by apprenticeship at the Daily Observer.

Note: Eventhough Brumskine did not make it to the second round, Bility backed Weah who went on to win Boakai in the second round by a margin of 350k.

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