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Scholar Julius Jaesen, II: Paying homage to a man who epitomizes honesty, humanity, decency, altruism and patriotism.


By: Comrade Vallai M. Dorley former Student Leader

On this historic day, the world birthed forth an enterprising young Liberian, a prolific writer, poet and essayist, Julius T. Jaesen II.

For more than a decade, the young erudite writer and published author has raised his voice along with others in passionate unison, singing heartily and faithfully that God has commanded that Liberia be, and remain, not a home of glorious parties, and a divided land but “a home of glorious liberty” and a “happy land”. That is why he has given himself to the advance of our country. He has been to jail not because he finds comfort in going to jail but squarely and fundamentally fighting to enable a just and better society for all and not the privileged few.

Despite the many tidal waves which occasionally threatened the progress of the young man, but to the admiration of some of us, he has continued to survive the journey he embarked upon so many years ago – a journey to achieve quality education, a journey to live a better life, a journey to grow a better family, a journey to work in building a unified nation. He envisions a country where we can, especially the young people, can take ownership of our own destiny, govern ourselves democratically, provide equal opportunities to all irrespective of our differences, and continue to decide for ourselves where we wish to be headed, and how we wish to get there.

In our nation’s cries for the expertise and services of decent breeds to alter the course of things and enable a better Liberia, comrade Jaesen no doubt is a noble character the country needs to achieve the progress we long for so many years.

Bro JJ, undeniably, few in your generation match your brilliance, intelligence, and astonishing passion for excellence and national consciousness. Most don’t exude your intestinal fortitude to strive for that which is noble. Too many don’t share your dream about the motherland built through the collective involvement of the working masses for their betterment and prosperity, not for a clique, tribe, or political Godfather, and other class groups.

Bro Jaesen, at your young age, your brilliant mind sparkles with critical analyses and innovative ideas each time you write something that is undeniable. In my mind, you are an extraordinary scholar with an understanding of many critical thoughts that are not taught in various universities. One of these subjects of discipline is ‘sincerity’. Trust me, a young man especially an emerging intellectual who is not sincere is a curse and another deficit to any nation, and he/she misunderstands the logic of historical relevance where progressive ideas of human advancement become the essence of soul searching, the pillar of reasoning, and the foundation of that appetite that subjects the self to the sacrifices that promote the interest of the people. My trust in you continues to increase at an increasing rate over the past years.

Scholar Jaesen, your unquestionable patriotism and love for your country are attributes you have, and many of your colleagues still struggling to have. In my signature quotation-‘One Day One Day’, you are one of those that I believe will help transform this country from the dungeon of backwardness to the resilience of new hope. With your gifted and exceptionally brilliant ideas of transforming this country, if we are counting people to form part of the boat of radical change, your name will surface on the upper right-hand column. Frankly, you are a trusted colleague this nation can depend on. You are an asset, not a liability at all.

On this joyous day in your human existence, I have not come to outline your collection of silverware, gold medals, the many battles you fought on the debate seats while in grade school and university, nor the heights you have climbed, and the influx of articles you have penned, rather, I have come to tell you never stop believing in yourself, the homeland and its people. Like all other peoples fighting for redemption and at the same time making mistakes, we will get there. Together, we will sit at both fire heart and judgement seat of brotherhood and oneness, singing halliluja songs and the national song like the ‘Lone Star For Ever’ . May you live forever to see the ‘Golden Continent’ of Africa graduating from the old age of dependency, consistent humiliation from so-called colonial and plantation managers to a place of continental consciousness for the benefit of all Africans.

Happy birthday to the sub-Saharan African Scholar, an interpreter of Ancient Medieval thoughts and a researcher of modern political thoughts.

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