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Sanniquellie Residents Extol ArcelorMittal’s Road Development Drive

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Weeks after asphalt pavement reached the administrative headquarters of Nimba County, expression of joy and excitement has gone far and wide.
People in Sanniquellie for the first time are seeing major streets in the city layout and paved.
This is all happening due to ArcelorMittal’s contribution of $40 which has seen the road paved thus far.
With the Ministry of Public Works implementing the project through a contractor, it must be made clear that the funding was entirely provided by ArcelorMittal.
The $40 million is a direct contribution of Mr. Mittal, the owner of ArcelorMittal, and does not form a part of AML’s operational budget.
It is neither a Mineral Development Agreement contribution nor any funding related to taxes and royalties the company pays to the government.
Malcaskia Saylor- a resident of Sanniquellie who is in business expressed his thanks and appreciation to ArcelorMittal Liberia for the $ 40 million contribution to the Liberian Government as a way of improving infrastructural development.
He said because of the good road condition customers now have quick reach to markets in the county, especially Ganta, the commercial hub.
Abel Freeman a son of Ganta City, who is into business explained to Nimba D9 TV in an interview that he is “so thankful to ArcelorMittal Liberia for the contribution made towards the Ganta to Yekepa road construction”.
According to him, he occasionally spends 2 to 3 hours from Ganta to Sanniquellie but now, travel between the two cities takes roughly 30-35 minutes
For her part, Ma Rose Konah who has lived in Sanniquellie for more than 20 years doing business narrated how the road project has finally become a reality.
“The project started in 2013 but we are thankful to ArcelorMittal Liberia and the government for the help.
She called upon AML to help the Liberian Government in relocating Sanniquellie Public Market.
Another person interviewed was Mamis Says, a businesswoman from Sanniquellie who according to her has suffered the disadvantages of a bad road between Ganta to Sanniquellie over a long period and said she’s pleased with the pavement.
“Now, we will no longer sleep on the road from Ganta to Sanniquellie, the accident rate will reduce, and we will now take 25 minutes to bring our goods to Sanniquellie, all we can say is thank you, Mittal”.
Meanwhile, stakeholders in Nimba are contemplating petitioning the government to name the Yekepa to Ganta highway after Mr. Mittal.

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