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President Weah: “The Fixers” Know What To Fix! You Don’t!

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By Wlemongar Krangar

The President of Liberia Mr. George M. Weah recently asked a rhetorical question about what is there to “fix” in the country; a laughable challenge to the campaign theme of #RealChange of the CPP’s ticket of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and Cllr Charlyne M. Brumskine.

Mr. Weah’s audacity to even question the precarious and desperate state of the country after six (6) years of gross governmental incompetence and mismanagement is a glaring example of his total disconnect from any responsibility to be a servant leader to Liberians.
This is a travesty and mistake of governance which must and will be corrected in October.

High Unemployment and Underemployment: Liberia is faced with chronic high rates of unemployment, particularly among the youth. Lack of job opportunities and underemployment is contributing to social and economic challenges and a bleak future for them.

Limited Access to Finance: Access to finance, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), is limited or non-existent. Consequently, local businesses are unable to expand, support new activities, or create jobs in the private sector.
This impacts the formal banking and key economic sector and even revenue streams for the Government.

Dependence on Primary Exports: Liberia’s economy relies heavily on primary commodity exports, such as iron ore, rubber, and timber. The country’s over-dependence on these commodities exposes the economy to the vulnerability to price fluctuations in global markets.

Governance and Corruption: Government corruption and weak governance structures continue to rob citizens of their rightful benefits and pose significant barriers to economic growth and foreign investments.
The Weah Government lacks the capacity and commitment to address corruption and promote transparency which are key conditions for attracting investors and economic growth.

Infrastructure: Liberia’s infrastructure, including roads, ports, and energy supply, faces chronic neglect and deterioration or significant investment and improvement. This has resulted in hindrance to poor infrastructure to commerce, transportation of goods, and access to essential services, which in turn has limited economic growth.

Inadequate Education and Skills Development: Liberia’s poor education system remains the face of national under-development and a barrier to a skilled workforce and adequate human capacity which are essential to attracting and sustaining investments and economic diversification.

Healthcare and Sanitation: Liberia’s neglected healthcare system has been laid bare by decades of neglect to any required improvement in infrastructure, equipment, and access to quality healthcare services.

Additionally, local sanitation and hygiene are integral to the prevention of disease outbreaks and the promotion of citizens’ overall well-being.

Land Ownership and Investment Regulations: Unclear land ownership laws and complex investment regulations have deterred foreign investments, making it difficult for businesses to operate smoothly, and stoke potential conflict among citizens.

Fiscal Management and Debt Sustainability: An ongoing lack of poor fiscal management, and debt sustainability which are critical to maintaining macroeconomic stability and reduction in external vulnerabilities have become templates for even more economic deterioration.
The Weah Government blames this local and unacceptable situation on “global economic pressures.”

Only the CPP ticket of Cummings-Brumskine knows what needs to be fixed. They have provided a roadmap, strategy, and tools to “fix” Liberia.
They are qualified and ready to go to work because talk is cheap.

#RealChange is here because Liberians Deserve Better!

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