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Parrot Speaks on the Whereabout of its Associate Editor, Julius T. Jaesen II


Special Statement

(October 21, 2020) The Editorial Board of the Parrot News Website, a subsidiary of the Parrot News Agency wishes to inform its avid readership and the general public that it has temporarily relocated its Associate Editor, Julius Jaesen from Liberia to a foreign domicile (name withheld) with the help of kind foreign friends. We were compelled to make such a difficult and emotional decision in view of the fact that Editor Jaesen’s life was in great danger with glaring evidence of a gang of killer machines barbarously unleashed on him allegedly by influential agents from within ranks of the ruling establishment.

We recall, Editor Julius Jaesen came into danger from the day he wrote and published the famous story revealing the reported circumstances surrounding the mysterious and gruesome murdering of Internal Audit Agency (IAA) Chief, Emmanuel B. Nyeswa. Since the publication of the story which would go viral and tremble the landscape, brutal malcontent men believed to be hired killers have been ferociously pursuing Julius across Monrovia and its environs. We had thought that the government and its agents mentioned in the story would have sought litigation something any responsible, intelligent, and law-abiding government will do, but quite appallingly, it chose a nefarious and egregious path that could have landed the young erudite and courageous editor to his early grave, had we not acted fast and appropriately.

No doubt, the diabolical attempt to decimate the life of Editor Jaesen on account of a radical yet sensitive news article which some find embarrassing brings into question the tolerance temperament of the ruling establishment thus refreshing our minds to Liberia’s horrifying dark and draconian era when journalists were murdered in cold blood for critical reporting and opposition politicians gunned down and/or thrown behind rusty prison bars for shouting at the misrule of the nation by repressive and corrupt Liberian presidents.

We thank our gracious International friends who helped us to secure safety for Editor Jaesen and to them, the family of the Parrot News agency owes a depth of gratitude. From his new and temporary relocation, daring Editor Jaesen will continue in his role as Associate Editor of the Parrot News Website and shall remain the revolutionary and crusading Editor that we know and have come to cherish over the years— a young patriot relentlessly devoted to the cause of the struggling Liberian masses, social justice, human rights, transparency, good governance and peace as always. We send our humbling prayers and good graces to Editor Julius T. Jaesen and commend his unyielding courage and conscious dedication to nationhood.

In the Pantheon of Liberian Patriots, Julius T. Jasen has earned for himself a suitable place and we are proud of his outstanding and enviable struggle history.

We doff our hats with profound delight, JJ!

Thanks all.

The Parrot News Agency

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