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Liberians Are Demanding That Vice President Joseph N. Boakai Clarify His Involvement In An Alleged “Pay-for-Play” Scheme

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By Wlemongar Krangar

The public demand for transparency and accountability from Mr. Joseph N. Boakai, former Liberian Vice President and current Presidential candidate of the Unity Party (UP), is highly warranted due to the alleged involvement in a “pay-for-play” (corrupt) scheme surrounding the Wologizi Mountain.

Mr. Boakai must fully shed light on crucial questions regarding his alleged meeting in Ghana, the purpose of the meeting, prior knowledge within the Unity Party’s Executive Committee, and the funding of his travel and accommodation.

The Alleged Corrupt Pay-for-Play Scheme:
At the center of the controversy lies the alleged “pay-for-play” scheme, where the Wologizi Mountain was purportedly offered to investors for a staggering $30 million dollars.

This raises concerns about the possible misuse of public resources and influence for personal gains.

It is essential to investigate the matter thoroughly to ascertain the truth behind these claims.

Mr. Boakai’s Alleged Meeting in Ghana:
A key allegation of interest is whether Mr. Boakai attended a meeting in Ghana, as alleged.

Establishing the full truth of this claim is crucial in understanding his involvement and possible role in the alleged scheme. Further evidence and testimony from reliable sources, including Mr. Boakai himself, are necessary to draw conclusive results.

Purpose of the Meeting:
If the meeting did indeed take place, it is essential to look into the purpose behind it. Was the purpose of the meeting related to the Wologizi Mountain deal? Did it involve discussions with potential investors or any other parties?

Transparency within the Unity Party’s Executive Committee:
Another pressing question concerns whether the Executive Committee of the Unity Party was informed prior to Mr. Boakai’s alleged attendance at the meeting in Ghana.

An examination of internal communication and documentation within the party can help determine whether there was any knowledge or approval from party officials.

Funding for Travel and Accommodation:
Full clarity to Liberians is also required on who financed Mr. Boakai’s travel and accommodation to Ghana, if the meeting indeed occurred.

Disclosing the source of funding can dispel suspicions of financial impropriety or external influence on his actions and that of the former ruling party which also is seeking a return to state power.

Companions during the Trip:
Finally, investigating who traveled with Mr. Boakai to Ghana is crucial to ascertain the identities and potential affiliations of individuals involved in the alleged meeting. Also, who are the investors?

Identifying and interviewing these individuals may reveal additional information about the purpose and nature of the trip.

The public demand for answers from Mr. Joseph N. Boakai is well-founded, given the seriousness of the alleged “pay-for-play” scheme involving the Wologizi Mountain.

For now the image and legacy of Vice President Boakai and the Unity Party are seriously compromised until they can truthfully clarify their separate and collective roles in the alleged scheme.

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