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Liberia a melody of regrets: Lamentations by Julius T. Jaesen, II


Liberia, 172 as old as she is too much has been taken away from her

There is too much that has been lost to greed

Until there is nothing left but hope

I feel that sense of forlorn

That emptiness

No joy in the land anymore

Dreams are misguided and unrealised

A trick door and trap

And a hell where heaven should reside


When one reflects her past

There is a deep-seated voice of sorrow

That sorrow that echoes that we’re too old but yet poor

Even to babies born today

That voice whispers a nation worthless of its existence

That voice drives us to school and work every morning

When our imprisoned soul departs our bodies

That voice escorts our mortal remains to the graves

It laughs high at our families who mourn our deaths

Our families who accused us of leaving behind a seed of discord


That voice is repetitive in our ears

In light of the dominance of its eloquence

In spite of the power of its persuasion

Declaring there is no better day that lies ahead

Yet, we say its voice is a lie.

Yes, I believe it is a lie


In hope, there is a better tomorrow

Ushering the end of our sorrow

Even if we think narrow

We may choose to look back at our failures

Yet never allow our fear of failure

Overcomes our desire for a better tomorrow

We may place so much hope in our leaders

Yet they may let us down

But we must never let ourselves down


When the promise of basic social services is unachieved

Trust varnishes

Legitimacy erodes

Authority revokes

Through the power of the ballot

Power transfers to a new administration

It hurts so much

To the extent that pro-poor means curse to some

While change for hope means change for crooks to others

You may seem not to believe in broken promises anymore

Yet never allow your hope for a better Liberia fades away


Pro-poor has come and will go away

Yet too like the True Whig Party

Maybe, like the Unity Party too

Muyan Muyan has come and is fading away so soon

It’s no longer a slogan of hope

But rather a battle-cry to loot

A catchphrase of despair

And a melody of regrets

Jaja… Jaja…CDC Jaja has faded away

But let hope in us fade away not


Without hope, we cease to exist

Our suffering becomes acute

Our pain so ceaseless

Concluding that the whole world has turned against us


We may even hold the belief for some us

That Allah has turned his back away from us

That Jehovah God has turned his back away from us

That Buddha has turned his back away from us

Even those who worship Confucius and Gandhi may think the same

But irrespective of the faith we separately belong to

We should never lose faith in the existence of our God

He is still alive

He lives on

He is the God of yesterday.

The God of today

The God of tomorrow and forever

He hears our supplications

And He will grant our requests

Don’t lose hope, please

Let your hope for a better Liberia remain strong


When our economy melts

From solid to a liquid stage

Then to the gaseous stage

The only thing that is left is hope

Hope that one day one day

Especially one fine day

An economy evaporated from a liquid to gaseous stage

Will come back like a rainfall

Falling on the zinc of every house

Not only on the house of the rich

But also on the house of the poorest of the poor

Then Liberia will not be a land endowed with natural resources

When its inhabitants are poor


It will be a sweet land filled with milk and honey

A land where meritocracy reigns over mediocracy

A land where technical know-how reigns over technical know-who

A land where honesty triumphs over dishonesty

A land where patriotism substitutes sycophancy

A land where the emperor will not be told that he is wearing clothes

When in truth he is walking naked

A land where police officers no longer harass taxi-drivers

Simply because the monthly wage is too little


For some

Hope is lost when they develop certain expectations

Expectations that are bound by time limit

Imagine students graduating from college every year

With varying degrees

Hoping that it’ll guarantee employment in the labour market

When it wouldn’t

Imagine a student sure of getting a scholarship to study abroad

Sadly, when it doesn’t

Hope evaporates

Goals become unreached

Dreams deferred and unfulfilled

Deep lingering sadness takes over him

It drains his existence

Making him live in imprisonment and chained with regrets

Killing the person he could be

Then for him, life becomes meaningless and possibly unjust

Eventually ushering his dreams to the grave

That dream of fetching for superior knowledge in a foreign land

That dream of changing his community and the world over

That dream of becoming an entrepreneur

That dream of becoming a lawyer

That dream of becoming an occupational and environmental health specialist

That dream of becoming an engineer

That dream of becoming a banker

That dream of becoming a medical doctor

That dream of becoming a university lecturer

That dream of becoming a representative

That dream of becoming a senator

That of becoming a president

That dream of becoming a responsible and caring father

That dream of bringing up a decent family

But in the final

He realizes that wishes are dreams that are highly fulfilled into reality


But I say to you, never lose hope

Not even when the future seems bleak and doom

Not even when degrees don’t guarantee you a job today

Not even when a scholarship to study in foreign land goes away

Not even when the leader you voted for

Becomes a Pharaoh wrapped up in Moses’ clothing

Not even if our nation witnesses the greatest economic decay ever in world history

Not even when public officials turned public looters

Looting your country to the brink of collapse


Never throw away the power of hope

It’s only the presence of hope that kills the cannibals

Feeding on the corpse of our nation

For the loss of hope keeps us in an unending search for answers to life’s meaning

A lost hope puts you in denial of the existence of a just God


Please don’t quit

Let’s keep the spirit of hope alive

Never allow a particular situation to make you toss away the spirit of hope

If the scars on our economy and its attending misgivings harshly endured

Must vanish like a cloud of dust in the vacuum

Let hope reign forever

A hope that says there is light at the end of a tunnel

A hope that says we can revisit our electoral choices and right the wrong

A hope that teaches us to love our country over our leaders

A hope that teaches us to love each other

A hope that says if our leaders failed us yet we should not fail ourselves

A hope that says Liberia will never return to war

A hope that says in our diversity let unity reign


About the author

Julius T. Jaesen, II, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the African Methodist Episcopal University on 34 Camp Johnson Road. He is a licensed grassroots political organizer, speechwriter, message development specialist, researcher on Harvard University Academia.com and Grin.com. He is also a published author. He is an Associate Managing Editor at the Parrot Newspaper. He can be reached on the following:

Email addresses: coyies2004@gmail.com / juliusjaesen@gmail.com

Contact numbers: +231886661061/+231776585152

WhatsApp: +231886661061


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