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Dissecting President Boakai’s Nominations

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By Julius T Jaesen II
Managing Editor
Democracy Watch
My one-cent opinion on President Boakai’s nomination or recycling of officials from past administrations…

To question Boakai’s nominations on grounds that he should’ve opted for new players other than recycling old politicians from previous administrations without focusing on the expertise and integrity they bring to his administration is to undermine or make invalid part of the very reasons why Liberians in their plurality preferred him (JNB) over the rest of the other candidates some of whom were new political actors with better physical and mental acuity. If Liberians truly desired a complete break from the past and were displeased with all politicians who have worked with past administrations, they wouldn’t have elected President Boakai, an experienced statesman with the longest track record of public service over his rivals in the just-ended presidential and legislative elections. I think they want someone who they believe can get the job done.

President Boakai's nominees
President Boakai’s nominees

President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s recent nomination of qualified individuals who served in the government of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is a strategic move that underscores the importance of experience, continuity, and the utilisation of seasoned professionals in governance. Casting aspersions on these nominations merely because they were associated with past administrations overlooks the wisdom behind the electorate’s choice of President Boakai, who embodies decades of public service and statesmanship.

The nominations reflect a commitment to tapping into the wealth of institutional knowledge and expertise garnered by those who have previously served in high-ranking government positions. In a complex political landscape, the experience of these individuals can be invaluable in navigating challenges, implementing effective policies, and ensuring a smooth transition of governance. Dismissing them solely based on their past affiliations neglects the fact that their contributions were crucial in fostering stability and progress during their previous tenures.

Moreover, the argument that appointments should prioritise new political actors over experienced professionals fails to acknowledge the nuanced nature of governance. A balanced approach that blends fresh perspectives with seasoned expertise is essential for sustainable development and effective governance. President Boakai’s nominations demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, recognising that a diverse set of experiences and skills is essential for addressing the multifaceted issues facing Liberia.

Critics who suggest that these nominations contradict the desire for change which can only be achieved by new political players and not recycled officials overlook the fact that President Boakai’s political journey involved working in previous governments. This highlights the inherent contradiction in disapproving of qualified individuals solely based on their historical affiliations. If Liberians truly desired a complete break from the past, they would not have elected President Boakai, an experienced statesman with a track record of public service.

In essence, the president’s nominations reflect a pragmatic approach to governance that values competence and experience over mere political novelty. Leveraging the expertise of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to public service ensures a more stable and effective administration. Ultimately, President Boakai’s decision to appoint individuals with a history of service is a testament to his dedication to the well-being and progress of Liberia.

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