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Atty. Jackson Blasts Urey, Boakai and Weah – Terms Urey’s Lawsuit as a Paltry Scheme to Throw Mud on Cummings’ Impeccable Character

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By Isaac W. Jackson Jr.

The unfolding drama on the home front regarding Urey’s paltry scheme to throw mud on Cummings’ impeccable character says a lot about Liberia being a country of anomalies. If Liberia was not a country of anomalies, nobody would have taken seriously the ridiculous claim by a morally-depraved man like Urey. Of what relevance is Benoni Urey’s signature that Cummings would forge it ostensibly to keep him in the CPP? Was this not the same signature that was used to secure illegal guns for Charles Taylor that murdered thousands of our people? Was it not the same signature that was used to milk the maritime program?

In the first place, to associate one’s professional reputation with a man whose public records is riddled with shame, as the case with Urey suggests, is part of the Liberian anomaly. The proverb that if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas is exactly the case with Cummings and Urey.

You see, just before we concluded 2021, we were forced to deal with another anomaly: people shouting that an 80-year old man, who is on active government’s pension payroll, and surviving on a battery-operated device, was shamelessly qualified to deliver a better Liberia. Those who took this laughably pathetic line of argument ridiculously said that the natural characteristics of 80yrs, i.e., forgetfulness, lack of stamina etc. were not applicable to their man, Joseph Boakai because somehow, and despite his rapidly declining health, the aged Joe is immune to the natural declines of 80-year olds.

However, aware of the wrongfulness of their argument, coupled with the fact that Cummings is gradually gaining momentum as a result of his trusting campaign for real change, the Weah regime has now found Urey as a willing puppet not only to disintegrate the CPP but to undermine Cummings’ growing political momentum.

So, where is Joseph Boakai’s much talked about leadership experience which a few loud mouths touted? Under Joe’s weak leadership, the CPP is disintegrating, Urey is colluding, and Weah is singing with no serious threat from the CPP. As the Chair of the same CPP which Cummings led to massive victories against the government in the 2020 Midterm Elections; Joe who promised to unite and reconcile the political group, has failed miserable, and has rightfully retreated to his familiar place of graveyard silence trapped in hypocritical maneuvers of connivance with Urey.

Joseph Boakai has never led, and cannot lead. He is best as a parked car. Are we experiencing another corroded parked car experience as CPP goes up in flames?

The point is, even if one wanted to be charitable about Urey’s ridiculous claim, is it not bonkers that the Solicitor-General of the CDC Government; the failed government that the opposition is trying to replace, is the person prosecuting Cummings for Urey’s faulty allegation? Can this case get any more dramatic and preposterous?

To those who are cheering this open persecution of cummings, I need not remind you that political harassment and intimidation often creep upon a nation in tiny steps. What is being slowly set into motion is the tactical suppression of independent political action by the government. Why do we need the CDC Government Solicitor-General to settle internal squabble in the CPP?

The same chicanery former President Doe deployed in the late 80s when he used the courts under Chief Justice Emmanuel Gbalazeh to get at, and get even with key opposition figures, is the same trick the current regime is using – ranging from my Case, the Punch Radio case, as well as Brownie Samukai’s case. As if the government has not learned any lesson from the volumes of international reports decrying the serious problems with the independence of the judiciary, the CDC government Solicitor-General is doubling down by pursuing a contrived political allegation from Urey.

You have to be as dead as a door nail or as blind as a donkey not to see the hands of the government in this fight. The government is panicking because of the huge support oozing towards Cummings. Imagine, with the myriad of corruption and murder cases in the country, what is the compelling reason for which the CDC Government Solicitor General is rushing to persecute Cummings without any investigation?

Mahatma Gandhi was absolutely right when he said, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I think Cummings can emerge victorious if he manages and handles this broad day political persecution for what it truly is – a hoax and a witch hunt.

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