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Angela List Denies Allegations – Threatens Legal Action Against Accusers & Publishers

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Our attention has been drawn to several media publication circulating in Liberia and the social media alleging among others, that: Angela List is involved in a US$ 100 million cocaine dragnet. Another publication seeks to allege that Angela is involved in an amorous affair with President George Weah and that some insiders have expressed concern about how she could get him on a US Sanctions List.
The publication clearly seeks to impugn a great deal of criminality on Angela List and her dealings in Liberia all in a hope of using the platforms to witch-hunt and damage her reputation.
It is important to state that Angela denies all the allegations levelled against her and disassociates herself from any attempt to link her or her business dealings to illicit drug sales or its use. She also disassociates herself and denies any allegations of seeking to influence senior politicians or public officials for her business dealings in Liberia. She also denies any involvement in any amorous relationship with President George Weah.
It is disheartening that in this day and age, some people will continue to hold the view that a woman cannot achieve anything on her own unless through illicit or amorous means.
Angela is a senior executive and has been involved in the mining operations for over twenty (20) years. She is highly respected and was recently voted as the first female vice president of the Ghana Chamber of Mines. Angela is also a business leader and continues to blaze the trail and remains a role model for young women in Africa.
Angela through her business entities has been involved in and/or held mining licenses in liberia for over eight years now. She has conducted herself and all her business dealings above board and in accordance with the laws of each country in which she has business dealings which includes, Ghana, Mali, Jordan, Sierra Leone and Niger.
She takes the allegations very seriously and would advise the publishers of these despicable articles to retract and apologise within seven (7) days of this press release to avoid having to face legal action both locally and internationally.
The public is also urged to disregard any such publications as it has no merit and is only calculated to damage people’s hard worn reputation.


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