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After Pres. Weah Shamefully Under the Cover of Darkness Requested the LACC’s Boss Resignation – Cllr. Nwabudike Finally Resigns


By Julius T. Jaesen II 


The Independent Parrot Newspaper has gathered that the head of the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission on last weekend tendered in his resignation as Chairman of the LACC based on public outcries for his dismissal and an undercover request made by the Liberian leader George Weah. The call for Nwabudike’s dismissal and prosecution came in the wake of conflicting documents of his citizenship presented to the Liberian Senate when he was nominated March 2020 by the Liberian leader George Weah to head the National Elections Commission. While the Liberian Senate was about to reject Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike after she had discovered that he had dudded the country by forging our citizenship and coupled with the avalanche of outcries from prominent Liberians including Amb. Lewis Garseedah Brown, Olubanke King-Akerele, Cllr. Gloria Musu-Scott and the general public, President Weah wrote the Senate shamefully withdrawing his nomination of Nwabudike as head of NEC but refused to dismiss him as Chairman of the LACC and turn him over to the Ministry of Justice for investigation.

In spite of Cllr. Nwabudike’s resignation as head of LACC over last weekend, Liberians believe that President Weah has no will and desire to uphold, defend and protect the Liberian constitution he took an oath to protect at all times but has rather been aiding and abetting criminals who dudded their way to illegally obtain Liberian documents and citizenship. Liberians who spoke to Parrot News said if President Weah has even an ounce of decorum and respect for our laws, he couldn’t have under the cover of darkness, asked a fraudster of an LACC boss to resign but he would have rather dismissed him immediately when evidence displayed at the Liberian Senate and in the public space surrounding how Cllr. Nwabudike criminally forged Liberian citizenship documents became aplenty and encyclopedic for any serious President and the world over to take action and protect our laws. However, President Weah deafened his ears to the calls from prominent Liberians and the public, kept Cllr. Nwabudike at LACC for a year now after his nomination as head of the National Elections Commission was withdrawn and refused to turn him over for prosecution.

“We are not surprised the least to see President Weah keeping Cllr. Nwabudike at the LACC for a year after he was exposed for criminally dudding our country and all its three branches of government including the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law all those long years. Under the watchful eyes of the President and perhaps with his approval, our Liberian diplomatic passports were issued to Arab terrorists, money launderers and some of his Canadian, Jamaican, Italian and Nigerian rascals and friends. Some of them were caught and arrested at international airports travelling with Liberia’s diplomatic passports – a situation that embarrasses our country’s image and presents Liberia as a country that embraces and provides a comfort zone to terrorists and those who are engaged in terrorist financing and money laundering and elected to use Liberia as a country where their ill-gotten and illicit wealth can be kept without being tracked down. We even want to believe that some of the private mansions built by President Weah, some of his cabinet officials and relatives are investments of terrorists and money launderers”, Liberian who spoke to Parrot added.

Liberians believe that the undercover request of President Weah asking the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission boss Cllr. Nwabudike to resign is belated. They believe that the President should have ever since taken action against Cllr. Nwabudike to save our country’s image but rather, he elected to create a floodgate and make our system so susceptible for any criminal to illegally penetrate his way to get Liberia citizenship and other documents.  “No wonder why immediately President Weah was inaugurated into office, his first State of the Nation Address condemned our constitution as racist and called for Liberia’s citizenship to be granted to people of none negroid descent and to allow the holder of dual citizenship. Had we even voted that change in the just-ended referendum, it would have been a catch-blanche for President Weah to give more Liberia’s diplomatic passports to terrorists and criminals who hold citizenships of other countries”, a former Liberian minister stated.

Howbeit, with the overdue dismissal of Cllr. Nwabudike as head of the LACC, it seems that Liberians have no optimism that the government of Liberia will prosecute him for forgery and other felonious crimes committed against the state. Liberians home and abroad have all lost trust in the administration of President Weah to deliver a better Liberia, uphold, defend and protect the laws of the republic. It is concerning to Parrot News how rapidly President George Manneh Weah’s popularity has diminished and dwindled that Liberians who voted for him en masse have all lost fate in his leadership. It can be recalled that President Weah’s entrance into Liberian politics was greeted with avalanche support and enthusiasm from Liberians of all walks of life. If not all, most Liberians then believed that Weah’s entrance into politics would have ribbed our country of corruption and those vices that had stunted Liberia’s development and growth for almost 174 years. However, and sadly, from what the Parrot has gathered seems to be the reverse and a faraway dream as the Weah led-administration is dogged and shrouded in fraud, corruption, graft, waste and abuse.

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