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A Member of CDC’s Media & Publicity Committee – Chon Debash Nagbe Alarms Death Threats on his Life

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By Julius T. Jaesen, II
Managing Editor


A member of the Coalition for Democratic Change Media and Publicity Committee, Chon Debash Nagbe, who once worked closely with the Chairman of the party, Mr. Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr, has alarmed death threats issued on his life by unknown men in the CDC and the government. Mr. Chon Debash Nagbe told newsmen in Monrovia that the death threats he continues to receive come in the wake of a leaked audio recording that has made rounds and went viral on social media where the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mr. Morlu, was heard in a secret recording accusing the Liberian President, His Excellency George Manneh Weah, of sleeping out with women and young girls as a precondition of getting political appointments in his government and as well lobbying money for the country and diverting it for his personal use.

According to Chon D. Nagbe, after the leaked audio recording of his former boss, Chairman Morlu, who was heard gossiping about the President – went viral and became a subject of national discussion – very ridiculous audio that placed a dent on the reputation of President Weah, he and other members of the Media and Publicity Committee were subpoenaed by Chairman Morlu and interrogated and after several hours of interrogation their positions were terminated with immediacy. He told members of the press after he met with the party chairman that he and his colleagues were accused of being the ones that secretly recorded the party chairman and leaked such audio recordings to the public.
According to Chon, Chairman Morlu and other Executive Committee members refused to provide him the opportunity he sought to prove his innocence and that he has no knowledge of the leaked audio and didn’t at no time in his life ever attempt to record private conversations with friends and foes.

The Democracy Watch Newspaper has gathered with great dismay according to its unimpeachable sources that whilst Mr. Chon Debash Nagbe was leaving the CDC headquarters in Congo Town on the 24th December 2019 by around 8:30 PM where he had gone to clear his desk and turnover all party’s properties he had in his possession as requested by Mr. Morlu, his former boss, he was kidnapped by a dreadful death squad of unrecognized men who forcefully placed him in an unlicensed black van and was taken to an unknown destination.
When this paper was later able to establish contact with Chon Debash Nagbe who went missing for about four days, he alleged that whilst leaving his party headquarters and heading home, he was arrested and taken to an unknown location – with hands and feet tied. He alleged that he was beaten with heavy sticks and tortured repeatedly – forcing him to admit that he was the one who recorded and leaked the audio recording of Chairman Mulbah Morlu. But according to Chon, he maintained his ground to those gang of cruel and heartless men that he does not know about the leaked audio of his party chairman.
When Democracy Watch spoke with Chon he furthered, “I wasn’t given water and food for four days that I spent in the unknown location. I wasn’t allowed to contact my family or any of my friends. On the fourth day after they couldn’t get what they wanted from me, I was taken from an unknown location and dropped in the middle of a highway.

According to the hospital, Chon was rushed in by two motorcycle officers who said they found him along the highway during their patrol.
“It was God almighty who directed those motorcycle officers in my direction because if not I could have died there by daybreak”, he told this paper.
After Chon Debash Nagbe who went missing for four days was released, he wrote the Liberia National Police (LNP) detailing the unfortunate situation that nearly resulted in his untimely death by unknown men who according to him were acting on the order of the chairman of the CDC – Mulbah Morlu. A copy of Chon’s letter of complaint to the LNP is in the possession of this newspaper. When this paper contacted the headquarters of the Liberia National Police through its spokesman, Mr. Moses Carter, he didn’t deny knowing Chon’s complaint but promised that the police will investigate his claims.

According to Chon who spoke with our newspaper, said since his release from the unknown location he was taken for four days, he and his family have been living in fear and are afraid to sleep at their home. When Chon was asked for his current location where he and his family were in hiding, he told this newspaper for the safety of his life and the lives of his family he would not disclose their current location.
Sadly, whilst Chon Debash Nagbe goes into hiding after being brutally beaten by malcontent men of the CDC and its government and is still being viciously pursued everywhere by hired assassins according to him, a towering Liberian journalist and talk show host, who was a closed colleague of Chon, Zenu Miller, who worked with OK FM radio station and also was a member of the Media and Publicity Committee of the CDC working closely with Chon, died after he too was been brutalized by officers of the Executive Protection Service at the Samuel Karyon Doe Sports Stadium during the National County Sports Meet final leg between Grand Kru and Nimba counties on January 26, 2020. The Executive Protection Service (EPS) is President George Weah’s elite security force. Miller complained that he suffered severe pains in the chest and legs after he was assaulted by officers of the EPS.

The late investigative journalist and social justice bulwark, Zenu Miller, was close confidant of Chon Debash Nagbe both of whom worked for the ruling party on its media team. According to Nagbe, his close friend, Zenu Miller, on many occasions informed him of receiving death threats on his life. “I am disturbed and troubled by the unfortunate death of my colleague, Zenu Miller, who and I worked closely in the CDC on its media team. Zenu and I who were accused of being the masterminds behind the secret recording of the party chairman have been receiving several death threats on our lives but hearing about his untimely passing this time fears me the most. I am now afraid to return to my country of birth with the wave of mysterious and state-orchestrated killings of innocent citizens”, Chon Debash Nagbe told the Democracy Watch Newspaper in a telephone conversation.

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