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240 AML Employees and Port Users Complete Int’l Ship and Port Facility Security Training

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July 6, 2022 (Buchanan, Grand Bassa) − ArcelorMittal Liberia has completed a round of International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) training, for at least 240 port workers and users in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.
ISPS is an essential security measure put in place following international terrorist attacks. The code is implemented by the International Maritime Convention (IMO) as an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea convention.
The 240 AML participants were trained in practical approaches to interpreting and implementing measures that will ensure compliance with maritime security requirements. These include actions and decisions to be taken individually and collectively to ensure safety and security within the Port’s facilities.
A maritime certified security consultant, Veteran Security Service Incorporated (VESSI) was hired by the company as the Recognized Security Organization (RSO) to conduct the training. The training also covered how to detect and prevent maritime threats and other security risks, Access Controls, Understanding Security Levels, and Conducting ISPS Drills and Exercises.
AML’s Superintendent of Security and Port Facility, Bobby A. Davis said the training is a requirement for complying ports, including the Buchanan port currently being used by ArcelorMittal Liberia to ship iron ores.
Davis said the training lasted for a total of six days, since last Tuesday.
Beneficiaries of the training were employees and contractors of ArcelorMittal Liberia, as well as port users, including personnel of Bolloré Logistics and Bureau Veritas Liberia (BVL).
“In case of anything that will happen in the port, each employee, contractor, or port user should be aware of what to do. We do not want people to panic or go into disarray. So, we teach them to be able to conduct themselves properly when there’s any problem,” Davis explained.
Retired Colonel O’Malley M.S. Lawrence, CEO of VESSI, and Otis Vah, the General Manager expressed confidence that participants of the training are well equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the ISPS, while performing their duties.
“Based on the training and our post-training interaction with the participants, we are sure that the port personnel of ArcelorMittal are now aware of the procedures of the Port Facility Security Plan and are prepared to ensure compliance with the required regulations,” said Vah.
Paul Neh and Philip Boahndao, Conveyor Operators of AML Port Operations praised the company for the opportunity to go through another ISPS training since they last got trained nearly three years ago.
Neh said “Although this is my second time, the training is like a refresher to me. But it is important because, over the last two days, I learned many new things and got reminded of things that I learned in the past but forgot.”
Boahndao also emphasized the importance of the training and promised to be more vigilant in helping to ensure ISPS compliance, among his colleagues.
“I’m going to make sure that those things I learned here are put into practice during my work, and that I help others who are yet to get the training to understand some of the things we have learned,” he said.
The ISPS Code, having entered into force in 2014 has since formed the basis for a comprehensive mandatory security regime for international shipping. The Code is divided into two sections, Part A and Part B. Part A which is mandatory outlines detailed maritime and port security-related requirements that governments, port authorities, and shipping companies must adhere to, in order to be in compliance with the Code. Part B provides several recommendations on how to meet the requirement and obligations set out within the provisions of part A.

For more information about ArcelorMittal please visit: http://corporate.arcelormittal.com/

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